Industrial Transportation Services

Our industrial employee transportation services provide support to numerous industries including the energy, mining, petrochemical, and construction by providing safe, reliable, innovative and cost-effective employee transportation solutions, to and from project worksites.

We can move workers safely to a broad range of worksites throughout BC. We work closely with our clients to engineer pre-determined pick up and drop off routes and schedules that make sense and ensure that workers will reach your worksite on time and safely.

At the end of the workday or shift – employees welcome the opportunity to board our vehicles. Once onbard, they can relax, and enjoy the ride Safely Home while not having to struggle with other industrial traffic and adverse weather conditions.

Bringing an Employee Transportation Service to your project is why employees and workers want to be part of your company, your project, and your success. We offer innovative and cost effective solutions for your transportation needs. Our commitment is to transporting employees Safely Home.

Save Your Company Money

Save thousands of dollars in hiring and training costs by providing a commuter benefit program for employees.

One study found that on average, it costs a firm 25% of a position’s annual salary plus 25 % of the cost of benefits to replace an employee. Furthermore, when considering the indirect expenses of advertising, recruitment, and new employee training – not to mention lost productivity, it can cost a company up to 150 % of an employee’s annual salary to replace him or her

Employee Transportation Services

Our Employee Transportation Services are focused on providing safety, reliability and value to our customers. We provide safe and reliable charter transportation in motor coaches, specialized buses or school buses that ensure your workers arrive to the site safely and minimize potential delays. In today’s busy roadways, minimizing the risk and congestion is one of the main reasons why our clients turn to Standard Bus Contracting.

These Employee Transportation Services are a cost efficient and environmentally friendly solution; They also reduce the amount of time lost on site when coordinating personal vehicles. In addition, it is easier to attract workers from a larger area and retain them when using employer provided transportation. All of this adds up to huge project savings and contributes to timely projects completion. Contact us for more information and a comprehensive disclosure of our Employee Transportation Services.

Our Employee Transportation Services are focused on providing safety, reliability, and value to our customers.

We offer innovative and cost effective solutions for your companies unique transportation needs.